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Let’s Get Started brings entrepreneurial minded students in contact with organisations that are relevant when starting up a business. Students are provided with hands-on, practical knowledge with regard to the process of starting up their own business. But even if you are not interested in founding a startup this will be an interesting event for you, it gives you the possibility to orient yourself for your future workplace. Would you rather work at a big corporate or start your career at a startup?

Let’s Get Started will deliver all of this through an all-day-long fair, exciting workshops and inspirational speakers. The day ends with a networking drink, which gives you the opportunity to get in direct contact with the participating companies and start-ups in an informal way. This is the perfect opportunity for you to gain more information about how to start a business, to get inspired by compelling stories and to have a fun time with like-minded people. Read more

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Startups and other companies will provide you with hands-on practical information and are happy to answer all your questions about your business ideas. You can either be very specific with your questions, or broadly explore the field of interest. Regardless, we encourage you to proactively approach the companies and develop conversations with the representatives! We strongly advise you to conduct a background research and come prepared as this way you are able to connect your prior experience and get the most out of this event; furthermore it is always advisable to bring your business card and/or your polished CV. Among the companies to be present at the fair you will meet the teams of Rabobank, Bloomon, EVBox, Testbirds, Innovation Exchange Amsterdam and Jobs & Media Group                  
After a day of talking to companies, attending workshops and socializing with fellow attendees, you are kindly invited to further extend your network with a refreshing drink! Note that the companies attending the networking drinks are allowed to recruit, so bring your business cards and use this unique opportunity to get one step further towards your dream job.
How to start a successful business and disrupt an industry
All successful new businesses start with a good idea. But a good idea is not enough, you need the right circumstances and the right people to bring the idea to life!
At bloomon, we make art and science come together. We are building a global love brand, spreading happiness everywhere we go. At the same time, we use data and technology to disrupt an entire traditional industry.
During this workshop we will give you insight in the challenges we face every day, and how we tackle them. You will work on a real live case and advise us on the best solution. Maybe your idea will be put into action!
Do you want to experience the adventure of working at a fast growing startup? Do you want to know how to grow a successful business? Sign up for the bloomon workshop!
Note: Deadline for this workshop is 9th of May - at 23:59
The Internet has immensely changed entrepreneurship. It might seem easier than ever to do business internationally but there are many things to consider to actually make it into a success. What do you need to think of when it comes to entering foreign markets? How do you know which markets to move into? Should you set up shop abroad in the first place? In this workshop Andrew Maat, Director International Markets at Testbirds, will share his thoughts and experiences on foreign markets and international business. Note: Deadline for this workshop is 9th of May - at 23:59
Want to be part of the future and learn more about accelerating the transition towards a zero emission world? Do you know Tesla but are you not sure how E-mobility actually works? Want to know more about a cool, fast growing, Clean Tech company? Then join the EVBox Workshop!
We will discuss during this workshop why the transition towards E-Mobility is so important, which trends we spot in the market and what the e-mobility future will look like.
Of course we want you guys to be as excited as we are about clean energy so we will ask your input on various topics such as Autonomous Driving, Energy Storage and E-Mobility. In groups you will think about these topics and brainstorm about innovative solutions which you will present to the other groups in the end.
Note: Deadline for this workshop is 9th of May - at 23:59
Peaks is a simple and beautifully designed Dutch app that makes it possible for everybody to set aside small amounts of money regularly and automatically invest in a portfolio of sustainable ETFs. In 2017, Peaks was founded with the idea that it should be possible for everyone to feel financially free. Not just for people who follow the stock market or read The Financial Times. No, at Peaks we believe that anyone who has a bank account, some money and a bit of patience can invest. Thanks to the support of Rabobank, Peaks is now a successful growing company! During the workshop, you are asked to think as an IT-consultant for Peaks. After a product introduction/demo, you and your team are given some time to come up with new developments for the product. How can Peaks extend its services? What are possible improvements of the App version? Note: Deadline for this workshop is 9th of May - at 23:59


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There is a limited amount of spaces available for the workshops, with a maximum of 30 per workshop. To avoid no-shows; please only register for the workshops you will actually attend. Additionally, a penalty of €15,- will be charged per workshop for anyone who registers for a workshop but does not attend. You can register or deregister upto untill the registration deadline of 9 May.
A valid IBAN is necessary for your registration to be confirmed maually. This will be used exclusively for a €15,- penalty per workshop in the event of a no-show.


Let’s Get Started is an event organized by the Sefa committee, powered by the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE). The event provides students with hands-on, practical knowledge with regard to the process of starting up their own business. Let’s Get Started consists of an all-day fair that brings Entrepreneurial students in contact with organizations that are relevant when starting up a business. This year, more 17  organizations and institutions from important areas of the start-up process of a venture will participate in the Let’s Get Started fair. At the same time, several inspiring workshops and guest speakers will provide students with essential entrepreneurial knowledge. The day will end with a pitching contest hosted by ACE and Accenture where startups have the chance to win 5000 euros in consulting hours at Accenture!
No, the event is aiming for students; however, you may be just genuinely interested in entrepreneurship.
Yes of course! The entire event will be held in English !
The event is free! On top of that, you will get one free drink on us with finger food refreshment! However to participate in a workshop you need to subscribe this means that for the workshops the rule full is full applies. For some workshops their is CV selection.
Go to homepage menu and click on ‘Subscribe’. Here you can register for Let’s Get Started 2018. You will receive a confirmation of your registration through e-mail. Read this email carefully as it reminds you of deadlines and important terms and conditions.
It is mandatory to subscribe to attend Let’s Get Started and it is also mandatory to sign up for extra activities such as workshops; however, if you do not wish to attend the workshop contact us and we will assign you spot to someone else and you can enjoy the rest of the event.
We advise you to plan your schedule carefully as it is not possible to change your subscription. If any special circumstances occur, please send an email to
23st of april: For workshops with CV selection
Yes! It will be handy during the networking drinks!
Yes, you can register for multiple activities. Plan your schedule carefully! The entrepreneurial fair will be open the whole afternoon for everybody who registered for the event.
Llease send us an email if you cannot make it to the event to
Send your pitch ideo to and you'll hear from us!
The dress code is business casual.
For further questions you can always contact the organization of Let’s Get Started. Send an email with your question to


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