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!Let’s Get Started 2016 is over!

Thank you all for coming! We had a great time and we hope you learnt more about entrepreneurship and, ultimately, enjoyed the event at least as much as we did.
Special thanks goes to our partners and to all, who made the event possible.

We would also like to congratulate to Soofos for winning the start-up challenge and effectively obtaining €5000 consultancy hours by Accenture and €1000  powered by ACE!

Congratulations and thank you.
Your LGS team

Let’s Get Started brings entrepreneurial minded students in contact with organisations that are relevant when starting up a business. Students are provided with hands-on, practical knowledge with regard to the process of starting up their own business along with the possibility to bring their idea to life through an organised pitch. Let’s Get Started will deliver all of this through an all-day-long fair, exciting workshops, inspirational discussion and an interactive start-up challenge. The day ends with a networking drink, which gives you the opportunity to get in direct contact with the participating companies and start-ups in an informal way. This is the perfect opportunity for you to gain more information about how to start a business, to get inspired by compelling stories and to have a fun time with like-minded people. Read more

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We are proud to present the following partners at the entrepreneurial fair: ACE, Chamber of Commerce (KvK), Impact Hub, Pritl, BarDoggy, Hezelburcht, Accenture, Clinic, Boatsters, Bambook, BimBim bikes and Leapfunder . These parties will provide you with hands-on practical information and are happy to answer all your questions about your business ideas. You can either be very specific with your questions, or broadly explore the field of interest. Regardless, we encourage you to proactively approach the companies and develop conversations with the representatives! We strongly advise you to conduct a background research and come prepared as this way you are able to connect your prior experience and get the most out of this event. It is advisable to bring your business card and/or your polished CV.
Startup Challenge at Let's Get Started? Start-up challenge is a unique way to develop your business idea! In cooperation with ACE and Accenture the team of Let’s get started organised a pitching contest for young, ambitious entrepreneurs. 5 carefully selected contestants will try to win over the hearts of the audience as well as the jury in order to win attractive prizes consisting of consultancy hours worth of €5000 sponsored by Accenture and €1000 cash prize sponsored by ACE! The jury consists of experts from Accenture, Impact Hub, ACE and Pritl. Furthermore, the winner is admitted to another round of Ace faculty battle, which is a competition of the best entrepreneurial idea among all UvA faculties.   You can look forward to a fearful competition of bright and ambitious entrepreneurs with unique ideas of how to change the world.   We have already closed the application process for the Startup Challenge. The contestants will be announced soon.
After a day of talking to companies, attending workshops and socializing with fellow attendees, you are kindly invited to further extend your network with a refreshing drink! Note that the companies attending the networking drinks are allowed to recruit, so bring your business cards and use this unique opportunity to get one step further towards your dream job.
Role of accelerators - Imagine, you have an idea to start a company. But you need some help. Where to turn to? Amsterdam has a vibrant startup community, plenty of places and programs for startup support. This workshop will provide an overview of types of support and where to go to. It is important to have a good look at the several incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces out there. At the end of the workshop you should have a clear idea where to incubate or accelerate you idea best. Workshopleader: Erik Boer, director Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship and high tech incubator ACE Venture Lab.

ATTENTION: This workshop was re-scheduled to 15:40 to Pintohuis!

Motivational workshop - Meet Dutch investment services entrepreneur Thomas Bunnik (32), Founder and CEO of online wealth manager Pritle, formerly globally responsible for investment funds with ABN AMRO. Thomas will share his experiences and explain how he became an entrepreneur, what his ambitions are and what it takes to build and lead a team of 30 experienced international professionals in a competitive industry segment For this workshop it is compulsory to submit your CV
Orthodoxy Innovation From this workshop students can expect to learn how to overturn innovation orthodoxies – and subsequently identify unexpected opportunities and offerings. During this interactive workshop students will be faced with a challenging case. Together with a small team (4-5) you will pitch your best idea.
Subsidies - Workshop will be about subsidies, they want to incorporate one of the attending startups and use them as an example. Hezelburcht will show how to apply, what to take into account, and other facts surrounding the interesting topic of subsidies. They will make this years’ workshop more interactive than last year.
Online business case study - BarDoggy is dedicated to create a workshop through which you are able to learn more about strategic development of an online business. We believe in learning by doing, therefore, we will challenge you with a practical problem of market expansion and customer acquisition. We will listen to your propositions and thereafter you will be provided with a feedback. So, you will get inspired by one of the best entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, learn about starting an online business, brainstorm about business development and get feedback about your ideas. For this workshop it is compulsory to submit your CV
How to start a business - They will give a shortened version of their ‘how to start a business’ workshop. They will show students the obvious and less obvious problems that they will encounter, the regulations they have to abide by and answer questions which were a lot last year.  

This workshop is FULL

ATTENTION: This workshop was re-scheduled to 14:00 to Zuiderkerk!

Biggest issues of a startup During this training we will be building customer profiles and improving your value proposition. In this process we will use a multitude of tools and exercises we as Impact Hub Amsterdam use on a daily basis as part of our programs. Through the use of the 'peer learning' principle, experiences will be shared whilst working on expanding your entrepreneurial network at the same time.
Growth hacking: Growth Hackers are leading the new way in which we approach marketing and product-driven growth. Growth Hackers are all about creative marketing, experiments, data, automation and engineering. Growth Hacking is a mix of hard skillsets and the right mindset. Growth Hackers are in high demand by employers but in low supply. This is a skill for the future!  

This workshop is full

Start-Up Challenge /

We would like to congratulate to Soofos for winning the start-up challenge and effectively obtaining €5000 consultancy hours by Accenture and €1000  powered by ACE! Congratulations

2016 contestants are:

1.       HOMi


3.       Soofos

4.       SmartRider

5.       Monkidoo

We would also like to express our gratitude to Accenture and ACE who, as the main partners of the Startup challenge, provide the winner with amazing prizes.

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A big thank you to all our partners who have been important contributors for success. Are you interested in being a partner in next year’s Let’s Get Started event? Contact us at .



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This years subscriptions are closed.

We are all looking forward to the next year.



Let’s Get Started is an event organized by the Sefa committee, powered by the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE). The event provides students with hands-on, practical knowledge with regard to the process of starting up their own business. Let’s Get Started consists of an all-day fair that brings Entrepreneurial students in contact with organizations that are relevant when starting up a business. This year, more than ten organizations and institutions from important areas of the start-up process of a venture will participate in the Let’s Get Started fair. At the same time, several inspiring workshops and guest speakers will provide students with essential entrepreneurial knowledge.
No, the event is aiming for students; however, you may be just genuinely interested in entrepreneurship.
Yes of course! The entire event will be held in English !
The cost of the event is €7.5, which includes free entrance to the market, workshops, discussion, Startup challenge and networking drinks. On top of that, you will get one free drink on us and free coffee/tea/water throughout the day along with finger food refreshment! Bargain
Go to homepage menu and click on ‘Subscribe’. Here you can register for Let’s Get Started 2016. You will receive a confirmation of your registration through e-mail. Read this email carefully as it reminds you of deadlines and important terms and conditions.
It is mandatory to subscribe to attend Let’s Get Started and it is also mandatory to sign up for extra activities such as workshops; however, if you do not wish to attend the workshop contact us and we will assign you spot to someone else and you can enjoy the rest of the event.
We advise you to plan your schedule carefully as it is not possible to change your subscription. If any special circumstances occur, please send an email to
May 3rd 2016 (Tuesday)
Yes! It will be handy during the networking drinks!
Yes, you can register for multiple activities. Plan your schedule carefully! The entrepreneurial fair will be open the whole afternoon for everybody who registered for the event.
Deregistration with refund is not possible. However, please send us an email if you cannot make it to the event to
Unfortunately we have already closed the applications.  Don't worry, you can apply next year!
The dress code is business casual.
For travel details to Zuiderkerk go to 'General info' on the homepage and then click Location. Here, detailed travel information to the Zuiderkerk can be found.
For further questions you can always contact the organization of Let’s Get Started. Send an email with your question to



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